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Why Socializing Your New Puppy is So Important

Why socializing your puppy is so important? One of the most important things you can do to help your puppy deal with separation anxiety is to get him or her used to being around people and other dogs. By socializing your puppy, you are helping them develop a sense of who they are in the presence of others and a much more secure feeling.


When I was a puppy owner, it took me several weeks before my little fur ball had learned to calm down around other dogs. This was my first time ever going to the dog park with my puppy and it was not an easy thing for me. I was nervous and fearful, which is not uncommon when you are first getting your puppy. My biggest fear was that he would get hurt by other dogs. I worried that I was not being supportive enough. Luckily, after about a month of socializing, my puppy calmed down considerably and we enjoyed our trips to the park.


During this same period, I also began to notice that my puppy had a lot of energy. He was constantly jumping up on me, licking me, and generally having a very high energy level. I didn’t think anything of it until one day he went into my bed and threw up all over me! So as you may have guessed, by socializing your puppy, he may become more energetic at times and throw up on you, but it will help him to not do that as often.


Another reason why you should socialize your puppy is that dogs crave human contact. This is especially true with a puppy that is still very much a puppy. Most dogs just want to be loved and cared for, then they will learn more with socialization. This helps them to form bonds with people, which is very beneficial to them later on.


Also, during socializing with your puppy, you should never punish him. A puppy is a puppy and as such, will have feelings. You may accidentally spank him or shake him by the scruff, but never physically punish your puppy. Never hit or even snap his fingers. You don’t want to cause further harm to your puppy because he doesn’t know any better.


Now that you understand why socializing with your new puppy is so important, you will no doubt want to get started right away. Some ways to go about this are going to your local puppy store, talking to friends, or checking out a blog of mine. All of these different methods can help you socialize your new puppy. Remember to look out for your puppy while he is learning, it is his nature to have curiosity and want to learn more. It is best to socialize your puppy when he is a puppy so that he has less to fear and more to enjoy.