brush dogs teeth

Why It’s Smart to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

Have you ever wondered why it’s smart to clean your dog’s teeth? Well, I’ll answer that question for you. You see, dogs’ teeth have two different types of bacteria that if you don’t keep them well maintained can cause some pretty nasty problems for your dog.


Dogs have between one and two hundred thousand odor-producing bacteria in their mouth alone. Most of these odor-producing bacteria live on the back of a dog’s tongue. When you take a close look, you’ll notice that there is a white sticky substance on the back of your dog’s tongue. This substance is called plaque.  Sometimes it gets stuck in their teeth and then it will start to grow yellow and smell bad.


Now it may sound kind of gross but dog’s teeth are actually quite easy to clean. If you brush your dog’s teeth regularly then you can easily wash off the plaque and bacteria build-up. One of the most popular ways to clean your dog’s teeth is by using a toothbrush. Just get your dog a nice strong toothbrush and brush her teeth once a day. Try not to use too much pressure while brushing their teeth. If you do use too much pressure then you may hurt the gums.


Of course, there is also the option of using dental floss. Just get your dog a nice quality floss and when she wants to have something sweet and chewy then you can put it in her mouth. It is important to make sure that you are cleaning the back of her tongue as well. If you just keep brushing your dog’s teeth and flossing and never take care of the problem then over time it can grow bigger and lead to gum disease and cancer.


One way to keep your dog clean and avoid this problem is to make sure you buy her some good dog biscuits. You can buy these at your local pet store or grocery. Make sure you give your dog some freshwater to drink because the saliva in the water will help clean her teeth.


Another great product that you can buy for cleaning a dog’s mouth is called Munchy Style. This is a mouthwash that you can spray right in their mouth. Just make sure that you read the instructions on the bottle very carefully. If you accidentally spray too much then make sure you rinse her mouth with water right away. You don’t want any bad surprises.