What Constitutes A Proper Diet For My Goldendoodle?

What to feed your Goldendoodle
A Goldendoodle is a mixture of a Golden Retriever, and a Poodle, and are most often medium-to-large-sized dogs. The most important piece of advice for any dog lover is ensuring that your canine companion has a healthy diet.

This will enable them to keep engaged and active for years to come. When considering what to feed your companion has much to do with the specific needs of the breed. Goldendoodles in particular have some dietary requirements due to their sensitive stomachs, so that must be taken into account.

Goldendoodles can safely consume most brands of commercial dog food, as they are often balanced carefully by the manufacturer. Experts recommend dry kibble as one of the easiest ways to feed a Goldendoodle, as it is quite simple to store. The dry feed may also be helpful in case of sensitive teeth or plaque, as is common with many Goldendoodles.

When deciding on what to feed your Goldendoodle, it is important to understand that they require animal protein to stay active and healthy. Determine what may be best for them by checking the labels, as these animals may require two or three different types of protein in their feed. In addition, items that contained named fats such as Chicken Fat are better for a healthy animal than generic ‘animal fat’ on a label.

As an alternative to commercial products, dog owners can also make specialized food for their canine companions. Goldendoodles can easily digest such proteins as Chicken, Beef, or lamb, and vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots, and cabbage.

In addition, many dogs enjoy fruits such as bananas, apricots, and cantaloupe. However, there are certain foods that are inadvisable for dogs to eat, as they can not process it well, this includes chocolate, coffee, dairy, grapes, and avocado. It is wise to ensure that there are no contaminants with these foods when preparing a meal for your dog.

A Goldendoodle often feeds at least once a day, or twice per day if it is a puppy. Experts recommend that you weigh your dog often to ensure that they are getting a proper diet and nutrition. In terms of how much food that a Goldendoodle should consume, feed it one cup of food for every fifteen pounds that it weighs, depending on the amount of exercise that it gets every day. For dogs that are less active, they may require less food.