Tips for Taking Care of Your Goldendoodle, Pt. 2

It’s hard not to love a Goldendoodle. A fairly new breed of dog, the hybrid situation often confuses pet owners as to how they should properly take care of their Goldendoodle – should you treat it as more of a retriever or a poodle? Here are some tips to help make taking care of a Goldendoodle an easy task to accomplish.

  1. Stay in touch with your veterinarian. He or she will be your biggest resource when taking care of your puppy. Your vet will see your dog, do an inspection of its general health, come up with a diet plan (if needed), and provide advice/tips on how to take care of the puppy. Call your vet if you have any questions or concerns, and try not to miss any appointments.
  2. Practice consistency. Goldendoodles will become confused if something gets them in trouble one day, yet doesn’t the next. Be consistent in training, disciplining, and loving your dog. These dogs need patience and understanding, as do all dogs, and it is up to the owner to provide this to him or her.
  3. Be gentle and kind. Encourage your kids to be gentle with the dog; this begins with you leading by example.
  4. Stay active. Get outside and bring your dog along with you. Goldendoodles love being active, so they will enjoy a good walk or even a quick run.
  5. Socialize your dog. This breed is very friendly with both humans and other dogs. Socialize them at a young age in different settings and with different types of people.