stop your dog from begging

Stop Your Dog From Begging

Quick Tips to Stop Your Dog From Begging

It’s so exciting getting a new puppy. They’re adorable, sweet, and so eager to please! But sometime’s they’re a little too eager – like when they’re giving you puppy dog eyes over dinner. Here are four quick tips to stop your dog from begging while you eat.

Basic Commands Are A Must

Teaching your puppy basic commands is already a good idea – it’s what keeps them safe and in line. But if you want to stop your dog from begging, they are a must. Teaching them strong sit, stay, and down-stay can all help keep puppy behaving politely at dinner.

Consistency Counts

Puppies are still learning. If you are consistent with your puppy’s training, he or she will learn faster and keep to the rules more strictly. This means that you can’t waiver sporadically. Puppy should not get any food from the table during meal times. Ever.

Keep Puppy Well-Fed

Having your puppy on a regular meal schedule is important. While some prefer to feed puppy right before you sit down to eat, this isn’t the best choice for those putting puppy through behavioral training. Feeding puppy an hour or so before you have your meal or right after eating can be the best way to address this issue.

Reward Puppy’s Good Behavior

Find a great treat for puppy. Something that is nutritious and delicious. Once you’ve found your perfect brand, give puppy a treat or two after every meal where he behaves. This can help to stop your dog from begging during meals because he knows he can expect something he adores afterward.

Now that you have these awesome tips to get and keep your puppy in line, you can enjoy mealtimes again without the guilt. You will never need to use physical punishment to discourage puppy from begging. If he’s particularly precocious, simply spray him with a bit of water or talk to your doggy trainer about more tips to positively discourage him.

Have Questions?

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