Signs of a Happy Dog – Understanding Your Pet’s Body Language

5 Signs of a Happy Dog

When you get a new dog as a pet, you might give him or her all the food, love, and treats they could want. You may make a comfy place for their bed, and make certain they have access to an outdoor space. You can even buy them toys, take them on walks and give them plenty of snuggles. Still, you might ask yourself, “Is my dog happy?”
There are several signs of a happy dog. Below, are five of the most common signs of a happy dog.

Wiggling Wags

A great way to understand your dog’s mood is to watch their tail. If it is still, they are either focused or afraid. If it is wagging, they are likely in a good mood. They are especially happy when that wag gets their whole body moving, shaking their hips and bending their spine in a truly loving wiggle of excitement.

A Calm Demeanor

A happy pet is often a calm pet. If they lie quietly in their bed, hold their ears or mouth in a loose, relaxed position, or if their tail just easily wags, they are usually perfectly happy. Pinned back ears are a sure sign of aggression or fear, but when their ears are laid back, your dog is just happy to be around you. If they cock their head and move their ears, they are probably trying to understand you.

Non-Destructive Behavior

One of the most certain signs of an unhappy dog is destructive behavior. If they tear up their bed or destroy your shoes, they are likely not doing well. However, if your dog does not do these things, he is likely content with his time alone. One of the best ways to deal with this problem is regular walks and play time to help burn off their restless energy.

Enjoying Walks and Playtime

When your dog obviously is having fun playing with you or keeping a strong and excited pace while walking, he is getting his exercise in a constructive way. He is likely just happy to be doing something with you.

Loves Their Food

When a dog really dives into his meals, you know he’s happy. When she comes running for treats (and knows the word), you can be assured you are taking good care of her.
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