Should I Worry About My Golden Doodle’s Eye Discharge?

Our pets are our best friends. Like us, our pets need us to care for them and provide comfort for what ails them. When it comes to your Golden Doodle it’s important to always examine the animal on a regular basis to check for any out-of-the-ordinary symptoms that could easily go unnoticed. One would want to do a close inspection from nose to tail. The presence of eye discharge can be very disconcerting. However many times it there are simple solutions. If other symptoms are present it may be necessary to take a little trip to your dog’s favorite veterinarian.

Eye discharge is a common symptom and varies from normal to excessive. Is your pet’s eye discharge smelly? This could indicate an underlying health condition such as allergies or even a cold. If other symptoms are present such as a runny, crusty nose, or even an excessively dry nose it may be a reason for concern. If your Golden Doodle is drooling, or coughing/sneezing, it is likely that the eye discharge is a symptom of another underlying condition. Itchy skin and paws are other symptoms of allergies.

If the eye discharge is minimal it may be normal and is a sign your Golden Doodle has encountered dust or other irritants such as freshly mown lawn. It could be due to a cleaning solution that is commonly used around the house. If your dog has come into contact with a certain fragrance or aerosol it could be enough to cause eye discharge and the problem could cease once the irritant is removed from the environment. Something as simple as fabric spray for deodorizing could be the culprit as well as carpet fresheners.

You can take a soft tissue such as unscented kleenex or even a fragrance-free baby wipe and gently wipe the eye discharge if the discharge is soft. If your sweet Golden Doodle has dry and hard eye discharge it is better to use a clean cloth along with warm, not hot water to gently remove the buildup from the eye area. This may require you to rest the warm moist cloth over the discharge for a moment to help break down the buildup so that it is not painful. Sometimes if eye discharge has been an ongoing problem, the tender membranes around the eye area can become sensitive even raw. If this has occurred it might be reasonable to buy an eye cleaning solution designed for dogs. Choose a solution that is gentle and as natural as possible.

Consider if your Golden Doodle is causing the irritation themselves. If they have itchy eyes you may notice that the dog rubs the eye area with the paws. This could also be a sign of an environmental or physiological issue. Be sure to take into account the surrounding circumstances in attempting to solve this common issue. If you believe it is becoming painful for the dog or is otherwise affecting their quality of life seek the advice of a veterinarian.