Preparing Your Dog For Snow

Preparing Your Dog For Snow

Preparing Your Dog For Snow

Wondering about preparing your dog for snow? If you’re the owner of a new puppy you know your puppy has boundless energy. One of the best ways to let your new puppy get some of his energy out is by taking your puppy outside. But what if you live in an area where there is snow? Is it still safe for your puppy to go outside? The short answer? Yes. Read on to discover tips and tricks for preparing your dog for snow.

Snow Safety

Before allowing your puppy to play outside in the snow it’s always a good idea to check with your veterinarian to make sure your puppy is old enough and well enough to be outside for any period of time.

How Long Can My Puppy Stay Outside?

Preparing your dog for snow includes trying to figure out how long, safely, your puppy can stay outside. A good rule of thumb to follow is if you’re starting to feel the cold, there is a good chance your puppy is too.

Remember your puppy is smaller and when he or she is romping through the snow, that snow is coming into contact with their whole body. Their fur is getting damp and their body temperature can begin to lower if left out for too long.

Play it safe at first and see how your puppy does after twenty minutes in the snow. If there are no signs of obvious discomfort, like lifting of the paws when coming into contact with the snow, excessively licking their paws, etc…try letting your puppy stay out for longer in ten-minute increments.

Remember it’s important to be conscious of the temperature in winter and if the temperature dips below freezing, and especially to below zero, it’s important to carefully monitor how long your dog is outside. For below zero temperatures, it’s better to just let your puppy out for quick bathroom breaks and find ways inside for your puppy to stay entertained.

After Outside Time

Part of preparing your dog for snow includes caring for your puppy once he or she comes inside. Salt and other chemicals used outside to treat slippery terrain can irritate your puppy’s paws and if ingested can make your puppy sick.

After coming inside wipe your puppy’s paws with a warm washcloth. This will remove any excess salt from your dog’s paws and any temptation for your dog to excessively lick, or ingest, any of the salt or chemicals.

Always ensure your dog has a warm place to rest and warm up after playing outside. Remember, even though it’s cold outside dehydration can still be a problem in the winter months. Make sure your puppy has access to water.

Have Fun!

If you follow these tips and keep a close watch on your puppy when he or she is outside there should be no reason why you and your puppy can’t enjoy some fun in the snow! In keeping with fun, here’s a video with puppies in the snow. .

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about letting your puppy play in the snow, or in general? Contact us and let us know how we can help.