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Importance of a Pet ID

The Importance of a Pet ID

Why Your Four Legged Family Member Should Have One

Most pet owners understand the benefits of having a pet ID for their four legged family member. In fact, a study conducted by the ASPCA found that 80% of pet owners found pet ID tags to be of great importance. Another 30% even agreed that their fur babies wear these pet ID tags at all times. There are several reasons why pet owners should ensure that their pets maintain a current ID on them at all times.


Most ID tags for pets contain the most basic of information. This includes their contact information in case something were to happen to the pet. If your pet gets loose, the ID is invaluable. It provides whomever found them with the details to get in contact with you, the owner. Consider adding your pets name to the pet ID. Their name allows the person who has found your pet to call them by name. This will provide comfort for your pet while they are not with you. Having a pet ID tag for your pet can ultimately assist in keeping them out of the shelter. Many lost animals find themselves in a shelter. Having an ID for your pet allows them to be returned safely.


A majority of pet ID’s incorporate the actual health of the pet. It may mention health issues such as allergies, medication requirements, or if the pet has a disability such as being blind or deaf. This allows whoever finds the pet to know what they may be dealing with while they try to return the pet to the proper owner.

Licensing + Vaccinations

When you bring your pet home for the first time you’ll be required to have appropriate vaccinations or licenses for your pet. These come in the form of an ID or tag that the pet will wear on its collar. This helps identify your pet as one that is properly cared for. Not only does this assist when the pet is lost, they are also required by many pet groomers . Groomers require these as proof that your pet is current with vaccinations and won’t be a health threat to other animals in the salon.

Where to Get a Pet ID

There are several places to purchase an ID for your pet. Pet stores, such as Pet Smart, offer them in several shapes, sizes and colors. Alternatively, IDs can be ordered online from companies like GoTags. Because they are so affordable, they are easy to replace when you move or get a new phone number.

Have Questions?

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