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5 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Busy While You’re At Work

5 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Busy While You’re At Work

 Here are five tips to keep your puppy busy while you’are at work. Going back to work after getting a new puppy can be a challenge! You will miss your adorable new friend, and you may wonder what he’ll do all day without you. We’ve put together some great ideas to help you entertain your pup and keep your mind at ease.

1. Create a soothing sleep area

Did you know that dogs generally sleep 14-18 hours per day? You can assume a lot of snoozing will be happening while you’re hard at work. Find a cozy dog bed that is appropriate for his or her size. You might want to create an area in your home that is just for him where he can find his bed and some of his favorite toys.

2. Provide stimulating toys

There are many wonderful toys on the market right now that will reward your pup with treats for his play. Puzzle toys with hidden treats or chew toys filled with natural peanut are a great way to keep your puppy busy. You can even look for a self-fetching toy once he gets a little older.

3. Fill the silence

Just like humans, puppies can benefit from soothing music. Put on some soft music during the day, or look for a CD made especially for dogs. You can also check out DOGTV, a cable channel made just for your puppy. The channel is said to be a great way to stimulate your dog’s vision and hearing. It can also reduce his or her stress and separation anxiety.

4. Make a puppy pail

You can create your own interactive toy for your puppy. Get a sturdy bucket that your puppy can access. Place some treats at the bottom and then a toy on top. Arrange some towels to cover up the treats and toys. Continue to layer, pushing down the layers, until the pail is filled. Your puppy will be delighted by digging and pulling to find treats and toys!

5. Exercise, exercise, exercise

Exercise is a great way to ensure that your puppy will not get bored. If possible, take your puppy for a walk before you leave for work or during your lunch break to help him burn off some energy. If those are not possible, consider hiring a dog walker during the day. Make sure your pup has plenty of fresh water available.

Guaranteed your new puppy will miss you while you’re gone, but he doesn’t have to feel bored and alone!