exercising with your dog

Exercising With Your Dog

Exercising With Your Dog

Your dog is your best pal, and you do everything together: lounge around and watch television on the couch, share a patio table at your favorite restaurant, and of course, cruise around town with the windows down. But there’s maybe one activity that you haven’t thought you could do with your best doggo friend, and that’s exercising with your dog!

Just like you, your dog needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy, keep off the pounds from all that kibble, and make up for all those hours spent sleeping on the couch. The best thing that you can do for your pet and yourself is include them in your regular exercise routine.

Run, Fido!

Yes, the most obvious thing to do with your dog for exercise is running.  Most dogs have the natural instinct to take off running as soon as the front door opens, so why not channel that need for speed into something beneficial for you both?

If you and your dog haven’t run before, make sure to start off easy. Try speed walking and build up to a faster pace. Your dog will love just being outside to experience all the sights, sounds, and smells while you’ll be getting in all those steps you need for the day.

As dogs are creatures of habit, they will also offer good motivation to get up and moving, as they’ll know exactly what time their run should be.

Namaste, Doggo

In yoga, they don’t call it the downward dog for nothing. Although, it may sound a little weird at first, yes, yoga is an excellent way to exercise with your dog. They are many yoga classes that are designed to include your four-legged friend where you can help your dog pose and they can act as support in your own yoga poses.

Exercising is more than just keeping our bodies healthy; it’s also about making our minds healthy as well. Yoga can strengthen the connection to your pet while giving you both time to center yourselves.

The Great Dog Outdoors

If you’re looking for something a little more thrilling, then there are a ton of great outdoor exercise that you can do with your dog. If you live on the coast and your dog loves water, think about renting a kayak and hitting the waves.

Rollerblading with your dog can also be a fun, outdoor activity for you both. And last, just getting out an throwing the ball for your dog and running along with them can burn calories, get that heart rate up, and make you feel better.

If you find that you’re growing bored at the gym and need a little bit more motivation to stay in shape, then exercising with your dog can get you moving in fun, exciting ways. Good for you and your dog, exercising will keep you both healthy for all the dog years ahead of you.

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