dental care for dogs

Dental Care for Dogs

Tips for Doggie Dental Care

Ever wonder about dental care for dogs? We know that your dog’s health is important to you and want to help. Just like routine checkups, exercise, and nutritious food, your dog’s dental care is essential to his overall health. Dental care, established as early as a few month’s old, should be a regular part of your dog’s health routine. Starting early also helps your pup to get accustomed to the routine. While it may not always be possible, many veterinarians agree that brushing your dog’s teeth on a daily basis is best. Below, we share some tips on dental care for dogs to help ensure that your dog has the best oral health you can provide.

Learning How to Brush Your Pup’s Teeth

There are many options for effective canine toothbrushes. Double-headed brushes are effective for cleaning the hard to reach places in your dog’s mouth. Exercise your dog before brushing. The release of energy will help calm them for the brushing process. Take some time to gently inspect his mouth to get him comfortable with the process. Speak in a soothing voice while slowly and carefully brushing. Making a routine of regular brushing will make the process easier each time. Giving your dog a treat when finished will reinforce their willingness to participate.

Using the Correct Products

Dental care for dogs is different than it is for people. Toothpaste for humans is not safe for dogs and should be given to them. The chemicals and whitening ingredients in human toothpaste can make your dog ill. However, there are many “doggie” toothpastes on the market to choose from. When in double, it is best to ask your veterinarian what they recommend for your dog’s oral health. Additionally, dry food is much better for your dog’s oral health than soft food. Soft food can get stuck in teeth and cause excess plaque build up on their teeth.

Chewing In Between Brushings

Give your dog something good to chew on in between brushings. Dental care for dogs can be difficult if they don’t like a toothbrush. There are several natural choices for your dog that will help to remove plaque. Some veterinarians suggest that knucklebones will help your dog safely and naturally clean his teeth. Some dogs are more interested in look-alike-bones or toys. Many nylon and rubber toys can also help to clean your dog’s teeth. Stay away from harder bones and toys as they can break your dog’s teeth or cause problems if ingested.

A regular regimen of oral hygiene and care will lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life for your pet.

Have Questions?

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